What are the characteristics of a paperback notebook?


A paperback notebook, also known as a hardcover notebook, is a type of notebook that uses hard paper or leather as the cover, which is not easy to stain and is conducive to long-term storage.

Paperback notebooks appeared in the Qing Dynasty, and the earliest books such as the Bible and the Code of Laws flowed from the West into China. The biggest feature of a paperback notebook is its sturdy cover, which can effectively protect the inner pages. The inner core is usually locked with a thread needle, and then the inner core is pasted together with a cloth strip to strengthen the connection between the inner core and the envelope.

There are two types of spine classification for paperback notebooks:

1. Flat spine: suitable for flat shaped cardboard lining.

2. Round spine: suitable for lining with good toughness in leather and other materials.

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