What types of enterprise customized notebooks are generally available


In workplace life, we need to use many tools in our work, such as notepads. Generally, enterprises will choose to use unified purchasing notebooks for employees. This advantage is that the customized notebooks are large and affordable, but the greater advantage is the unified notebook style, which is more convenient and intuitive to represent a part of the corporate culture.

The following types of enterprise customized notebooks are generally selected.

1. Paperback notebook

Both paperback notebooks and hardcover notebooks prefer business books, which are suitable for use by enterprise employees. They have a unified corporate culture and logo. The cover material of the hardcover notepad can be selected by yourself. The inner page material is 100 grams of yellow forest paper, which does not scratch the pen tip and writes smoothly without spilling ink. It is the best choice for many enterprises.

2. Loose-leaf notebook

Customization of loose-leaf notebooks is also a major trend. Loose-leaf notebooks are more convenient to use than paperback notebooks. The loose-leaf buckle can be opened freely, facilitating the replacement of used paper inside. It is convenient, simple, and cost-effective.

3. Hardcover notebook

The difference between hardcover notebooks and paperback notebooks is not significant. If there is any difference, it may be that hardcover notebooks are more inclined to business notebooks, and hardcover notebooks are generally business packages, such as a business notebook paired with a business pen, or a business functional notebook with multiple small functions such as a sandwich, pen bag, and calculator. Going out to meet customers, laptops can be very stylish.

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